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Wine road - Goričko

The north-eastern Region of Slovenia is decorated by gently sloping hills of Gorice, covered by vast vine terraces and lush woods. There is a 140 km long wine road running across natural sights and connecting local wine growers, tourist farms and wine shops.

The visitor is rewarded not only by the magnificent countryside and its view but also by tasting rich vintage wines (laški in renski rizling, chardonnay, beli in sivi pinot ) and genuine household fare (posolanke, retaše, bograč, koline z bujto repo ,etc).
This landscape glitters its beauty through the eyes of the walker or the cyclist, who can stop to look and to feel this remote country.

This tour should take you 2 or 3 days.

Wine road – Goriška brda

In the utmost western Slovenia there is spreading out a wine region called Goriška brda. These hills are surrounded by the emerald-green Soča, by the modest Idrijca, hidden in a narrow valley and by two hills Sabotin and Korado.

There are vineyards sprinkling all over the countryside, surrounding little, idyllic villages. Just by a sole look a visitor can guess at the culinary enjoyment of home made prosciutto, olives, different sorts of cheese and delicious wine.

The sightseeing of Goriška brda will take you 2 or 3 days on two or four wheels. (cycling or driving)


The tiny Slovenia is hiding a number of medieval as well as more contemporary castles. Numerous of them have been restored and they are ready to offer all the luxury there used to be in the past.

Indulge yourself:

  • a real castle like reception at Grad Otočec
  • top level gourmet's indulgence at Dvorec Zemono
  • a complete physical and spiritual relaxation in Kendov dvorec
  • a game of golf at Grad Mokrice, the most beautiful castle in Slovenia
  • fresh pre-Alpine air in the gardens of Tito Vila at Bled.

The castle tour should take you 3 to 5 days.