1. I am coming to Slovenia on business.During the weekend I would like to spend my spere time playing golf. Can you help me to organise what is necessary as I do not want to lose any time while looking for a suitable golf course?

According to your wishes Eminenta can arrange a program for your spare time. You should let us know your free terms and then we can prepare the programme including a chauffeur, golf equipment and lunch in a distinguished restaurant.

2. On business visit to Slovenia I am accompanied by my wife and my son. Can you suggest a special program for them?

Of course. We will take care of them during your absence. We can prepare for them either a program of different themes(shopping, children's playgrounds, fun centres, wellness) or we can simply provide them with a chauffeur who will be at their disposal all the time.

3. Could I be met at the airport by your chauffeur?

Our chauffeurs are at your disposal whenever you need them. To make it faster for you to come to your destination, we would like you to fill in the form with the time of your arrival and at landing there will be a chauffeur waiting for you at the airport.